Constituent Services

Constituent Services: Where Rubber Meets Road

Your Alderperson is the elected official who has the single greatest impact on you and your family’s quality of life. Your Alder must legislate in your best interests, and ensure potholes are filled, rusting dumpsters are replaced, and both alleyways and streets are well lit.

Crafting sound policy to move our city forward, while maintaining quality constituent services, is a full-time job. As Alderman, I will be dedicated to meeting these responsibilities equally and on a full-time basis. I’ll be:

  • Responsive to the issues that affect you most directly, such as crime, trash and problem properties.
  • Keep an open line to understanding your needs and finding solutions.
  • Provide the ward with the full-time attention it deserves, including keeping an office in the ward.

I have an open-door policy, and you can contact me via this link, where you can also sign up to volunteer or request a yard sign. If you’re able, you can donate here.

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