Paul is a lifelong St. Louisan, and has been committed to the principles of the Democratic party from a young age.

In his 12 years as an 8th Ward resident, Paul has been actively involved in the ward’s Democratic organization. He was elected by ward residents as one of 56 members of the local Democratic Central Committee, building relationships with committee members on both sides of Delmar, and gaining a firm grasp on both ward and citywide issues.

He’s served as a vice president of the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association, and is the current chair of its safety committee. During his tenure, Paul has ensured clear communication between elected officials, law enforcement and residents – in order to address both short- and long-term goals.

Never one to shirk the details or walk away from being of service, Paul can often be found helping a neighbor in a time of need, as well as organizing larger-scale projects, such as porch-light replacement – a simple preventive measure that goes a long way toward deterring crime.

In 2011, Paul produced the critically-acclaimed documentary, The Pruitt-Igoe Mythwhich presents an in-depth look at the broader issues of public housing, economic development, racial tension and public policy – particularly in the St. Louis region.

Paul remains involved in the For The Sake Of All project, which examines regional health disparities, with the goal toward implementing workable solutions.

Paul is a data analyst and map maker by trade, though he is committed to being your full-time Alderman, upon being elected, and maintaining an office in the ward.

He lives on the 4000 block of Shenandoah with his wife Nadia and their son Henry.