Education: Leading The Way For A Better City

While the Board of Aldermen does not have direct control of St. Louis Public Schools, we can still be an advocate for quality education.

Our public schools can lead the way in lifting families up from poverty, reduce the risk for youth to engage in harmful, and illegal behavior, and ensure that resident’s don’t have to make the choice of leaving the community they love to seek out other educational options in our region.

city county school proficiency index - z2VDAYg

As alderman, I will advocate for:

  • Expansion of the Pre-Kindergarten option in public schools
  • Public funding for the first two years of community college for any student in public schools who maintains a C average through their junior and senior years
  • Research and implementation of the best charter school models
  • Closure of low-performing charter schools


Our ward has excellent options for families seeking a solid education for their children, as well as places where we can do better. As your Alderman, I’ll work with leaders in ward schools to make sure we stay on the right track, while advocating for citywide improvements that benefit everyone’s quality of life.