Public Transportation

Public Transportation: The Way Forward

For 8 years, my primary means of transportation was a bicycle. In that time I became familiar with the strengths and shortfalls of the ease of use of our bicycle lanes, pathways, their connection to light rail and buses, and the limitations of our transit system as a whole.

Simply put, our city must invest in our public transit infrastructure. Too many of our residents do not have convenient access to jobs in our region. While it may take a city dweller 30 minutes to drive to a job out in the county, our residents that rely on public transit are often faced with several hours of commute time. Without quality, easily accessed transportation, we leave our neediest at a competitive disadvantage.

city - commute in minutes - JickDN0
Also: over the course of 3 years (and logging over 12,700 miles)  I rode a bicycle down every block of every Street in St Louis, all 1,800 miles.  So….

No joke. I rode my bike down every one of these streets. And, I was in better shape.