An open letter from Paul Fehler, 8th Ward Democratic Candidate:

I’ve been in love with this fighting city for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a Democrat for about that long. It was Democrats who made sure my mom and I had food on the table, and a way to move forward, when the other party wanted to take those things away.

My father was born to a St Louis with 850,000 people; by the time I was born we were down to 450,000.  My son was born last year to a town of 317,000 people.

Love is complicated.

In the 8th Ward, we’ve seen a tremendous rebirth. The South Grand business district is one of the city’s most successful eating, drinking and shopping destinations. Tower Grove Park is the second-most-visited park in the city, with over 2 million unique visitors. The Missouri Botanical Garden remains a world-class research institution, and the neighborhoods within the ward are among the city’s most desirable.  Yet…we’ve seen an uptick in crime within the ward in 2017, the city’s overall tax base remains strained, and other parts of the city remain deeply challenged.

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Through all of this, the 8th Ward remains a model for how residents can accomplish great things, when we all work together toward the common goal of better neighborhoods, and a better city – through the core goals of:

I plan to do all of this with the utmost transparency and accountability.

No single one of these goals will solve the many challenges facing our city. It will take honest, dedicated, hard work toward all of these issues to bring our city to its best self. As your Alderman, I plan to both listen and respond – working full-time and maintaining an office in the ward. Learn more by clicking on each of the above bullet points. Ask me a question, sign up to volunteer, or request a yard sign, all by clicking this link. And, if you’re able to donate, you can do so, securely, here.

I’ve seen what happens when people come together and do the hard work. I want the chance to do that as your Alderman. I know that, together, our best days are ahead of us.


Kindest Regards,